History of Education in Iran

Iran is one of the nations which have successfully embraced modern education. All countries had their culture which made it difficult for formal education to penetrate in them. For Iran, it could not accept any form of education from any Christian influence. This is because of its Islamic religion. However, during the Pahlavi period, the first public school came to be. The school was built by Haji-Mirza who got assistance from Amir Kabir, the great Grand minister.

This was in the 19th century. During this time, more schools were boiled from the pre-schools to colleges. Public schools came to be at the same rate as the private schools. Generally, the number of children who were taken to school increased creating a demand for more schools. During those old days, the government allowed individuals to raise and manage schools as long as they had trained teachers.


However, as the demand for schooling grew, the government took over the ministry of education so that all the children could be fed by incredible and uniform training. The government started to plan and finance different school administration. Textbooks were published, courtesy of the ministry of education. As a result, most people transferred their children from private schools to public schools. The problem according to the parents was that their children were expected to serve the government for a period equal to one spend in the public universities as a way of paying back for the effort the government did for them to be facilitated in school.


In the 1970s, the education system in Iran got improved with more trained teachers. More changes were made, the most critical one being the fact that schools were Islamicized. One had to be a Muslim to attend classes. This is what led to the growth of the Islamic religion in Iran. In the 1980s, a committee was created to cross-check the Islamic content which was being taught in the schools. An arm of a committee produced college textbooks made up of clerics called the Center for Textbooks. During the season, Islam was introduced at all levels of education. Today, Iran education is purely based on the Islamic culture although it is producing great people professionally.

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